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    Printing and Reprots Error ???

      Hi All

      I had Primavera P6.7 and worked well I upgrade to 8.2 after update when i make print preview, print setup, print and Reports ====> Run it give me errors like:


      Type : EAccessViolation

      Event Code : AVAA0-2875-6

      Description : Access violation at address 00758396 in module 'PM.exe'. Read of address 00000028


      Type : EAccessViolation

      Event Code : AVAA0-3237-4

      Description : Access violation at address 008F1B70 in module 'PM.exe'. Read of address 00000008


      I don't know what's the problem and what's the solution????

      Please Help me ??
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          Here's the KnowledgeBase article on AVAA0 errors when printing:

          Layouts / Printing

          One of the most common causes of AVAA errors is corruption with a layout. If AVAA errors are received when performing some of the following functions, this may be a result of a corrupt layout:
          Opening or switching to the Project View
          Making edits to a layout in the Activity View
          When attempting to Print or Print Preview a layout
          Applying or modifying a filter
          Applying multiple filters
          Viewing a report

          Bar-necking can often cause issues within a layout. The first step in troubleshooting any possible issues with a layout would be to disable bar-necking in the Activity View. To do so:
          Select View, Bars
          For each bar that has "Display" selected go to the "Bar Settings" tab.
          De-select both "Calendar nonwork time" and "Activity nonwork intervals" under the Bar Necking Settings Option
          Click "OK"

          If AVAA0 errors still occur after making this change, the layout should be deleted and a new layout applied.
          Open a new layout and verify that the AVAA error no longer occurs
          Apply the corrupt layout and make a note of its setting so that it can be easily recreated. The information which is stored in a layout file is:
          Activity columns - the columns visible, their order and widths
          Group and Sort options
          Which view is showing (e.g. is the Resource Usage Layout showing? If the activity Details are showing, which tabs are visible and in which order)
          Open the layout known not to cause the error and choose View, Layout, Save As.
          Provide a new name, different from the name of corrupt layout.
          Set the layout up to look the same as the original layout based on the previously noted settings
          Delete the corrupt layout
          Printing options are also part of the layout and may be a source of the problem. First verify that a default printer is set and it is running and accessible by the client machine.

          If the error occurs in Page Setup the scaling options may need to be changed. Use the "Fit to" scaling option instead of the "Fit timescale to" option. The "Fit to" option should have values, not zeros for the pages wide and tall settings.

          Try modifying your layouts before you print preview. Also look into using a different PDF writer.