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    Autoconfig fails with 'Jtfictx.sh Inste8_prf 1

      Hai all,

      Autoconfig on 12.1.3 on linux fails with
      [AutoConfig Error Report]
      The following report lists errors AutoConfig encountered during each
      phase of its execution.  Errors are grouped by directory and phase.
      The report format is:
            <filename>  <phase>  <return code where appropriate>
        AutoConfig could not successfully execute the following scripts:
          Directory: /u02/applprod/inst/apps/AOUT_aouprodfindb/admin/install
            jtfictx.sh              INSTE8_PRF         1
      AutoConfig is exiting with status 1
      AutoConfig execution completed on Mon Mar  4 06:41:03 2013
      Time taken for AutoConfig execution to complete : 1 mins  5 secs
      when I try to execute the script manually, am getting the below error :

      sh jtfictx.sh

      jtfictx.sh started at Mon Mar 4 06:48:22 AST 2013

      jtfictx.sh: line 53: printf: `\': invalid format character
      Cannot find environment file appsorafileERRORCODE = 1 ERRORCODE_END

      Any idea

      I referred the notes

           Autoconfig Completed With Error 'Jtfictx.sh Inste8_prf 1' [ID 372363.1]
      Autoconfig On Apps Tier Fail While Attempting To Run Jtfictx.sh [ID 457858.1]

      no luck