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    skillbuilder modal page 2.0 auto close issue

      Apex 4.1
      Skill builder 2.0
      theme 24

      I am using skill builders 2.0 modal page.
      pages 21 main page and 22 modal page (pop up)
      pop up call from 21 to open 22 is working fine.
      once 22 is submitted the pop up is not closing...instead it is refreshing and displaying refreshed 21. I have to manually close the pop up. But the main page 21 is not refreshing either.

      on 21 i have the auto close dynamic action 'refresh' with two actions (selection type - DOM object, DOM object - document)

      action1 - refresh region
      action 2 - execute JS code -

      .append('<div id="success-message"/>')

      on page 22, i have a plSQL process that executes on button click and a branch to 21

      am i missing any thing. I think i looked and tried all forum entries but no luck. Please help.
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          Tom Petrus
          Auto-close relies on:
          - the auto-close selector you have specified in the modal page dynamic action which opens the page
          - the inclusion of the success message in the page template
          - showing a success message when the page has been processed

          So you will have to check those, while also paying attention to the defintion of the auto-close selector and whether it matches the success message's actual appearance in your page. To do this, simply check the page template. This is important, as the success message may be defined differently for each theme (and even for each page template).
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            Thank you for your response. I am not sure , i completely understood.

            This is wha happens with the success message.

            Pop up opens, i enter some info on pop up, click submit, the pop up itself refreshes and takes me back to my orginal page...i am still on the pop up but with the refereshed original page. At this point i also see my success message. But the main original page is sitting back all this while.
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              Tom Petrus
              Check your popup page. You probably have an after-processing branch defined which will redirect to your original page. That is not necessarily bad, although i usually set it to redirect to the same page when using a popup. What will probably not work for you is the success message selector. If you defined "#success-message" as the auto-close selector, this means that the plugin will look for an element on the page in the popup for an element which matches this selector.
              - What did you define for auto-close selector
              - And on the page you redirect to after-processing of the form, how is the success message defined there

              If (IF) you have set #success-message as the auto-close selector, and the popup is not closing, then this would mean that the popup message on the page does not match this selector!
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                Thank you for your time. I took a different approach ( the regular approach w.close, w.open...)entirely and got rid of skillbuilder modal page.