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    [Applet]Printing issue with pdf files on Xerox 4595

      Greetings !!

      I'm trying to print to a Xerox 4595 printer from a Windows XP station (limited account) using a Java Web Applet.
      This applet generates pdf files which have to be printed.
      The Xerox 4595 uses a printing queue that is detected by the Applet.
      The problem is the following: usually when printing a simple local file from this computer there is a box that asks you your login to let you create a job and then print.
      When using the Java Applet, there is no way to have this print box displayed. We have the Java Print Dialog but once clicked on "Print" there is no box displayed to pass the login to the printer and let us print.

      Is anyone already worked with Xerox 4595 and experienced such issue ?
      How can I, using the Java language and modify the Applet, ask the printer to send me the dialog box asking for the login ? Without this login no jobs are accepted and we can't print the generated pdf files.

      I looked on the printer queue settings and it seems that the Xerox uses the IPP to communicate with the local computers in the office.
      The server from which the Applet is used is a openSuSE Linux Web server (apache2)

      How come using Linux workstations any pdf files are printed (on shared printers such HP laserjet) and under windows there is jammed characters and sheet feed instead ?