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    How to add icons and images for my forms ?

      Hi everyone:

      My forms were upgraded from 6i to 11g. Then all customized images and icons can not display.

      Icon filename in property palette of forms and menus are the filename without path.

      Following http://docs.oracle.com/cd/B14099_19/web.1012/b14032/configure009.htm

      I set default.icons.iconpath to be a absolute path to all icons folder in Registry.dat, and make imageBase= documentbase in formsweb.cfg, doesn't work.

      What is the DocumentBase folder ? Is it $ORACLE_HOME/forms ??

      I also tried imageBase= codebase, package all images( gif files.) in a jar, store it into the forms/java directory. append icons.jar to archive parameter in formsweb.cfg. still doesn't work.

      What's the solution steps to do this please ?
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          The preferred method of using Icons is to deploy them in a signed .jar file. The Oracle document you references is a little vague in this respect (paragraph If you are going to use a jar file for your icons, you need to do the following:
          1) You must digitally sign the jar file (preferably with a Trusted Certificate - such as Verisign). You can use your own keystore, but you will get a Trusted Certificate warning in your application.
          2) Upload your <YOUR_ICON_FILE_NAME>.jar file to the %FORMS_HOME%/forms/java directory. If you use the default installation, the %FORMS_HOME% directory is typically "/Oracle_FRHome1".
          3) Update the default.env to include the full path to the jar file in the CLASSPATH variable.
          4) Then you need to update the following variables in the formsweb.cfg :
          4.1) archive=frmall.jar, <YOUR_ICON_FILE_NAME>.jar
          4.2) imageBase=codebase

          After making these changes I recommend restarting your WLS_FORMS instance to ensure the changes takes affect.

          Hope this helps.
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            Thank you very much CraigB.

            I missed the step 3 of adding the jar file to CLASSPATH.

            And after I open my forms in another browser, the icons and images display.

            Thanks again.
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              Glad I could help. Occasionally, jar files can encounter problems so if you have a user that suddenly can't see the icons any more have them clear their Java Cache so the jar files will be downloaded again.