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    Display field only

      I have a display only fields that contain a concatenation of other fields from the screen. What trigger would I use to display the display only field?
                                 :block1.AVAILABILITY_CODE || :block1.FUND_GROUP || :block1.SUFFIX; 
      The :block1.TAS_DISPLAY_ONLY ; is the display only field. The fields appear on the screen. 
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          Andreas Weiden
          Make your display-item a calculated item of type formula and put your concatenation into the formula-property, then there is no need for any trigger.
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            I tried to put the code in a formula as suggested. In the property of the field under calculation/formula, however is does not like the || concatenation symbol.
            :block1.ALLOC_XFER_AGENCY_ID '||':block1.BUREAU_CODE '||':block1.BEGIN_AVAIL_DATE_DUMMY '|| ':block1.END_AVAIL_DATE_DUMMY '||' :block1.AVAILABILITY_CODE '||' :block1.FUND_GROUP '||' :block1.SUFFIX 
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              Remove the Quotation Marks from your formula code. This makes your concatenation operator a literal string instead of an operator.
              :block1.ALLOC_XFER_AGENCY_ID || :block1.BUREAU_CODE || :block1.BEGIN_AVAIL_DATE_DUMMY || :block1.END_AVAIL_DATE_DUMMY || :block1.AVAILABILITY_CODE || :block1.FUND_GROUP || :block1.SUFFIX