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      What is the purpose of ONS in RAC on 10g?

      The Oracle Notification Service daemon is receiving a subset of published clusterware events
      via the local evmd and racgimon clusterware daemons and forward those events to application subscribers and to the local listeners, this in order to facilitate:

      What is the meaning of a subset of published clusterware events?
      What is the meaning of application subscribers?


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          I think you are referring to messages distributed by the Fast Application Notification facility. If you don't use FAN, you do not need to start the ONS.
          John Watson
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            Hi Friend,

            1. Oracle Notification Service (ONS) : This function facilitates a bridge between middle-tier servers or applications to transport these events to application logic for handling or reaction.

            2. ONS is part of FAN (Fast Application Notification).

            3. srvctl utility can be used to create, manage and remove ONS.

            Hope it helps...