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    Cloning OBIEE

      I have a situation where I am setting up a test environment that I need to be able to rollback to a certain point in time. It's easy to take a database export of the _BIPLATFORM, _MDS, DAC and Informatica repositories at the times required but can I restore the databases only? Or do I need to capture data/metadata that is not stored in the database?

      The scenario is that I have a set of Peoplesoft applications that are going through their own testing. OBIA is part of the test and is used in it. ETLs will be tested against this test database. Based on what happens during a simulated month/year end the test might need to be restarted from a point in time where database snapshots are taken. How do I do that with OBIEE/OBIE? The Peoplesoft group will import their snapshot in time and have most of the work done. Will those same steps work for OBIEE?

      OBIEE BP2
      Windows Server 2008 SP2