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    External User Unable to Login to Beehive Online Account


      A Beehive Online Workspace was created for a consortium of 4 different customers and a total of about 11 members including Oracle employees. Only one external user was unable to create their OTN account properly to login to the Beehive Online workspace. This is a link to the workspace: https://beehiveonline.oracle.com/teamcollab/overview/OC-RDC_-EMACompliance_Workspace

      He stated the following:

      +"Dear Chris,+

      +I have tried to create an OTN account now for several times – but each time I submit, I end up in a new account request entry screen and I also cannot login to the system. I hope there is a possibility for me to get access to your system.+

      +Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Kind regards,+
      +Rüdiger Leisegang"+

      Please let me know if there's any additional information that is needed.
      Thanks for your assistance,
      Chris Huang