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    Unable to view Applets due to class not found error. Urgent

      We are currently facing issues in our upgrade to Java JRE 1.6 & above from JRE 1.4 on displaying certain information. Our applets are built in a way like at runtime it will access certain jar files ( tibco jar files) and use them to parse the incoming messages. The following will give a summary of the issue.

      We were using Jre 1.4 in our systems previously. With JRE 1.4, we have a system where we use java applets to display data over the network in the websites. The java applets will use a jar file (TIBRVJ.jar file available in C:\TIBCO\TIBRV\8.3\LIB\) folder. The way we facilitate this is by including –cp “C:\TIBCO\TIBRV\8.3\LIB\TIBRVJ.JAR in the Java runtime parameter settings. However post upgrade to JRE 1.6, we are getting errors in our systems due to the upgrade as specified below. the only way we are able to avoid this issue is by placing the Jar file in JRE/lib/ext folder. it also requires changes in our Java.policy file to provide access to this.

      Error Codes
      ‘java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/tibco/tibrv/TibrvMsgCallback”

      We would like to know why the tibrv. jar file is not picked from the classpath set on the Java Runtime Parameters, but being picked only after placing it in the ext/bin directory and changing Java policy files in JRE 1.6 and higher versions.