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    Drill down into a report


      I've been working on a report to be able to drill down into another "detailed" one, and I was able to do it but not exactly the way i needed.

      I created an action link for the column values, but my problem is that for EVERY value, i always drill into the same exact report, and my idea is to drill into the same report for all of them, but with different parameters for each one


      Sales representative revenue
      John 230K
      Mark 100K
      Martin 500K

      I've set a drill down for the revenue column, but all 3 values are obviously drilling into the same exact report, and I want to set it in a way I can tell the sub report "give me the detail report but only for the corresponding sales representative"

      If i click on 230K, I want to see the "detailed report" only for John's oppties. If i click on 500K, I want to see the "detailed report" only for Martin's oppties. And so on...

      That's the whole deal. I don't know how to do that.

      Thanks for your help,
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          Are you drilling down(based on BMM layer hierarchies) to the next level or navigating(through value interaction in column properties) from master report to detail report?

          If you are drilling down..definitely it would show only the corresponding values.

          If you are navigating from master to detail...you have to add the corresponding attribute in the filter section in the detail report as "is prompted" .

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            Hi, thanks for your answer

            I'm navigating from a master to a detailed report, and i have already set the attribute as "is prompted" but Its not enough. Let me try to explain why

            Lets say I have this example report:

            Prompts: Primary position


            Primary position | forecast
            John | 768687
            Paul | 200000
            George | 923882

            then I drill down on "Paul" to the next position level, so the report changes to something like this:

            Primary position | secondary position | forecast
            Paul | Jane | 100000
            Paul | Martin | 100000

            So, now... I want to drill into Martin's 100.000 forecast (drill into a detailed report) and despite I have the primary position set as "is prompted", I have no prompts for second, third, or n-position... So If I drill down from martin's 100000 forecast, I will only be able to pass the primary to the detailed report, and It will only be able to show Paul's 200000 forecast details

            I want the detailed report to pull Paul for primary, Martin for secondary, and show only the detailed report for that 100000 forecast value

            That's the issue

            I hope I was clear enough