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    OVM Manager 3.2.1 fail to discover Oracle VM for SPARC 3.0

      tail -f /var/log/ovs-agent.log
      [2013-03-05 17:06:20 3785] DEBUG (service:76) call start: get_api_version
      [2013-03-05 17:06:20 3785] DEBUG (service:76) call complete: get_api_version
      [2013-03-05 17:06:20 3786] DEBUG (service:76) call start: discover_server
      [2013-03-05 17:06:21 3786] WARNING (settings:48) cannot get core api version: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/version.properties'
      [2013-03-05 17:06:21 3786] DEBUG (service:76) call complete: discover_server
      [2013-03-05 17:06:22 3800] DEBUG (service:76) call start: discover_hardware
      [2013-03-05 17:06:22 3800] DEBUG (service:76) call complete: discover_hardware
      [2013-03-05 17:06:38 4093] DEBUG (service:76) call start: discover_network
      [2013-03-05 17:06:55 4093] DEBUG (xmpp:528) feature: starttls
      [2013-03-05 17:06:55 4093] INFO (xmpp:584) switching to SSL connection
      [2013-03-05 17:06:55 4093] DEBUG (ldmxml:1542) ldmxml request: list-services([{'domain': 'primary'}])
      [2013-03-05 17:06:55 4093] DEBUG (ldmxml:1548) ldmxml request completed. [list-services]
      [2013-03-05 17:06:58 4093] ERROR (service:96) catch_error: 'aggr1.2100'
      Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/agent/lib/service.py", line 94, in wrapper
      return func(*args)
      File "/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/agent/api/network/solaris_network.py", line 276, in discover_network
      simpledoc = discovernetwork()
      File "/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/agent/api/network/solaris_network.py", line 537, in discovernetwork
      if links[netdev]['class'] == 'vlan':
      KeyError: 'aggr1.2100'
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          Looking at the lat line of the log, it shows aggr1.2100. The python errors show that you're in a network routine.
          If that's what you named your interface, that's the problem. Assuming you were trying to create a tagged VLAN interface on aggr1 for VLAN 2100, the proper interface name is aggr2100001. (driver) + (VLAN number) + (interface instance number as 3 digits) aggr + 2100+ 001
          In any case, it looks like a network issue. If that's not it, if you could post something more about your network configuration, that might help.
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            Thnaks for the update,

            The requirement of aggr + 2100+ 001 is only in Solaris 10. In Solaris 11 a vnic-link + vLan tag can be almost any name (some miner restrictions), below is the man page (unless this is an OVM manager requirement).

            Our network configuration is, LACP (net13+net17), and vnics with vlan tags on top assigned to zones or vsw on top of the aggr1 assigned to OVM for SPARC.
            dladm show-link
            aggr1 aggr 1500 up net13 net17
            bnycloud1 vnic 1500 up aggr1
            apps1 vnic 1500 up aggr1
            bnyde1a1 vnic 1500 up aggr1
            cloudpriv1 vnic 1500 up net14
            cloudpriv2 vnic 1500 up net18
            [...] many more
            man dladm
            dladm create-vnic [-t] -l link [-R root-dir] [-m value | auto |
            {factory [-n slot-identifier]} | {vrrp -A {inet | inet6} -V vrid}
            | {random [-r prefix]}] [-v vlan-id] [-p prop=value[,...]] vnic-link
            A virtual network interface created on a link or an
            etherstub. It is a pseudo device that can be treated
            as if it were an network interface card on a