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    Jdev version component can't rendered

      I have a jsff page , the button <af:commandButton id="cb1" useWindow="true" action="toForm" text="abvc" />
      can be rendered,but add binding like: <af:commandButton id="cb1" useWindow="true" action="toForm" text="abvc" binding="#{pageFlowScope.ResourceHandler.toForm}" />
      it can't be rendered. who can help me!
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          The function of 'binding' and 'action' are very different.

          If you used action="toForm"
          , I think "toForm" is a method which would return a String, like:

          public String toForm() {

          But if you want to but into binding, the method should return the component instance, not a String.
          Because biding is binding to a specific component instance, not doing an action.

          public RichCommandButton toForm() {

          ps. of course, in coding convention, it is rare to call a method "to????" in binding.

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