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    Java SE 7 Update 9 or later vesions got significant delay

      Hi, my name is Dean.

      My JVM applets for server-side written by codebase jre-1_5_0_06-windows-i586-p.exe.

      It worked fine with the all version of Java SE 6 including Java SE 6 Update 41.

      However, update and using the Java SE 7 Update 9 or later versions get the problem.
      The applet shows up with significant delay.
      So I tryed to figure it out what happening using Jrockit Mission Control and most of delay happened when loading Jrockit.vm. with jrockit.vm.ArrayCopy, java.io.BufferedReader, jrockit.vm.Allocator.
      These weren't using with Java SE 7 Update 7 or earlier versions and all version of Java SE 6.
      I need some advice to fix this problem. I really appreciate any comments or information from expert like you guys.