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    Rotate OC4J std out & err logs


      We need to rotate the OC4J std out & err logs, configured the -Dstdstream.rotatetime=08:15 in the OC4J_Start batch file.
      Stopped the OC4J and Start, the std out and err logs files did not get created with the timestamp and the file did not rotate
      @echo off
      SET OC4J_HOME=D:\CENT_10G_APPS\CMFK\OC4J\j2ee\home
      @echo Launching OC4j...CMFK
      D:\CENT_10G_APPS\CMFK\OC4J\j2ee\jdk\bin\java -Xmx1450m -Xms1450m -Dstdstream.rotatetime=08:15 -jar  %OC4J_HOME%\oc4j.jar -config %OC4J_HOME%\config\server.xml  -out  D:\CENT_10G_APPS\CMFK\OC4J\oc4j_out.txt -err D:\CENT_10G_APPS\CMFK\OC4J\oc4j_err.txt 
      Thanks in advance.