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    Application lost existing session due to new jsession id.

      Hi Team,

      We have three linux box in production and each box contains apache and weblogic managed server.

      IP and apache port is configured in our ACE load balancer.
      ACE- --|-----A2---M2

      A1,A2,A3-Apache servers, M1,M2,M3 - Managed servers.

      apache version is 2.2.22 and weblogic version is 11G. mod_wl.so is used to redirect from apache to weblogic.
      Each apache will redirect to corresponding managed server.
      Our application(java based) is deployed in weblogic cluster.
      when the user test the application via load balancer, it cater the request to apache and apache redirect to managed server.
      The problem is new jsession id is creating in between some request and application lost our existing session
      we have captured http headers and have seen new cookie created in response header.

      <header>Set-Cookie: JSESSIONID=pjrLRs2QCPpnP89p553Y4y0MfGp6rTy3kv4sP5TQG5MV3mV4xmfm!-1368207527; domain=.abc.com; path=/; secure=true</header>

      The above problem doesnt happen when we use single apache server.
      ACE -| A2---M2

      Can you please help here to sort out this issue.


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