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    Date format in iStudio

      How can I change the date format in iStudio ? Actually, the date format looks like "juin 10, 2004".
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          The OAI date format is held as 'DY Mon DD HH24:MI:SS YYYY'.

          I have also used 'Dy Mon DD HH24:MI:SS "GMT" RRRR' as a format mask too.

          Try outputing your date as a VARCHAR2 (a String type in iStudio) in the format 'Dy Mon DD HH24:MI:SS "GMT" RRRR' (change GMT for your own local timezone) or 'DY Mon DD HH24:MI:SS YYYY' for your Publish Application View, then map to a DATE type attribute in your Common View.

          I don't think you can actually change the DATE format within iStudio for an attribute that has a Date data type.

          Hope this helps


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            Thank you very much for your answer.

            If I understand well, I can't change the display format for the date data type in iStudio (even if I configure the NLS parameters) ?

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              I think you are correct. You cannot change the internal OAI date format. The date format is controlled by the java code within the OAI solution. (I'm not sure where, but probably within oai.jar - Perhaps some Java guru on this Forum can point to the class(es) concerned which control the internal OAI date format just for general information?).

              Can you simply pass the date through as a String attribute instead of a date attribute, then format or reformat it in either the source or target system?

              Another thing you could try (this is the way in which I've retreived the 'sysdate' in the past in order to pass it to a target field) was to create a PL/SQL function on the database. I used the Database Operation transformation to call the function. The function simply returns a value to your target field.

              My function returned the actual value as a VARCHAR2 - however, my target field had a DATE data type - so, OAI reformatted the value to the OAI date format.

              There is no reason, however, why you can't do something similar and pass the value to an attribute with a String data type (not a DATE data type). This would stop the InterConnect reformatting it.