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    How subscribe a user to an event in PHP?

      Hello !

      I'm using the webservice Oracle CRM On Demand, and i want to do something.

      I have no idea what i'm doin, and i have no idea if you can undestand what i say.. ^^

      So, I have "Contact" (users) and "Campaign" (events). I can add a new Contact in PHP (with for example this query AccountWS_AccountInsertOrUpdate_Input and the goods parameters), and i can add a new Campaign, same way. For each, we need to use an wsdl (ex Contact.wsdl)

      Now, i login my oracle account (on my browser), if i click on a campaign (event), i can add a Contact (user) to this event. It's something like if a user subscribe to an event. Ok. If i do this on my browser it's ok, i can add an user to an event.

      But now, i need de to that in PHP.....My problem, where is the link between Campaign and Contact in fact ? In Contact.wsdl ? Campaign.wsdl ? Other ?

      If you have an idea.... Thanks !

      Ps : Do you understand me ? ^^