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    Externalize metadata strings does not work

      Hi All,

      We have installed OBIEE with OBIApps and we are trying to apply the spanish localization .
      We follow the steps mentioned here:
      but "Externalize metadata strings" is not working properly.

      We did the following:
      - run the import metadata command succesfully (W_LOCALIZED_STRING_G table has the correct data).
      - bounce the services
      - Configure and test the "Externalized Metadata Strings" connection pool

      but the translations does not appears.

      We noted that there is a difference between our RPD and the steps in the guide:

      The guide says:

      +"To externalize metadata strings in the Oracle Business Intelligence repository+

      +1.Stop the Oracle BI Server.+

      +2.Using the Oracle BI Administration Tool in offline mode, open OracleBIAnalyticsApps.rpd.+

      +3.Select the entire Presentation layer and right-click the mouse to display the menu.+

      +*From the pop-up menu, select Externalize Display Names. (A check mark appears next to this option the next time you right-click on the Presentation layer.)*+

      +Unselect the Presentation layer."+

      But in the pop-up menu you can not mark "Externalize Display Names" because you have a sub-menu there: "Generate Custom Names, Disable Externalization and Clear All Externalization Stings"

      Is there some step we are missing?

      Any help will be appreciated