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    OLAP Clear  Data

      Hi experts

      I'm trying to clear data for specific cells of an OLAP cube,

      The cube has 12 dimensions, and contains information for 10 years (2004 - 2013)
      Time Dimension has 3 levels (year, month and day), every level has a key,

      an example: If I need to clear data for January 2012, the key is 3096

      I'm trying with this script in TOAD:


      cube = MT_IND_GL_MET
      time dimension = MT_DIM_TIEMPO
      period = 3096 (january 2012)

      This script takes too long, I have waited for 2 hours and did not finish

      Also, I created a "Script Cube", with "Clear data Step" and "Set Both leaves and aggregates of Selected Measures to null (NA) for selected dimension members"

      Both scripts take too long,

      What I can do to clean data to specific cells in a short time?

      Please help

      Thanks and regards