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    No Event Subscriptions exist for this Event Error

      Hi, we are running Oracle R12.1.3 on DB version I just migrated a created a custom subscription for the oracle.apps.ap.supplier.event Oracle Event. I execute a custom package when this event fires. My package is working fine and I'm getting the expected results. My problem is I keep getting a Workflow notification saying:

      Sent: Monday, March 04, 2013 9:14 PM
      To: SYSADMIN
      Subject: Action Required: Local Event UNEXPECTED : oracle.apps.ap.supplier.event / 36422

      To               SYSADMIN
      Sent               04-MAR-2013 21:13:40
      ID               1659929

      An Error occurred in the following Event Subscription: Event Subscription

      Event Error Name:
      Event Error Message: No Event Subscriptions exist for this Event
      Event Error Stack:

      Event Data: Event Data URL
      Event Details
      Event Field     Value
      Event Name     oracle.apps.ap.supplier.event
      Event Key     36422
      To Agent     
      To System     
      From Agent     WF_DEFERRED
      Send Date     04-MAR-2013 21:11:22
      Receive Date     04-MAR-2013 21:13:16
      Priority     50
      Correlation ID     
      Parameter : VENDOR_ID     623789
      Parameter : VENDOR_SITE_ID     253663
      Parameter : VENDOR_CONTACT_ID     
      Parameter : #CURRENT_PHASE     100
      Parameter : ERROR_TYPE     
      Parameter : SUB_GUID     954A10B1ECC43101E034

      I saw an earlier post about this and have tried changing the Source Type to "External" but that didn't change anything. I don't understand why Workflow is telling me a subscription doesn't exist when my subscription is executing with no problems.

      Any help appreciated...