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    Font "Verdana" is not working - Oracle forms 11g

      OS : Windows XP 32 bits - SP 3
      Forms : - Development

      I'm using the font "Verdana" for some items in a form. When i test it, forms keeps using another font (arial). However, other fonts do work.

      These are the lines in the registry.dat file:

      default.fontMap.appFontnames=Courier New,Courier,courier,System,Terminal,Fixed,Fixedsys,Times,Times New Roman,MS Sans Serif,Arial default.fontMap.javaFontnames=MonoSpaced,MonoSpaced,MonoSpaced,Dialog,MonoSpaced,Dialog,Dialog,Serif,Serif,Dialog,SansSerif

      Is there another file to check. On internet, i found some info about the font.propeerties file, but there's no one in the directory used for 11g installation. There are two files named "font.properties", but located in the forms 6i directory, so i'd say these are not the files i need to check.

      Anyone can help? Thanks