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    notification forward issue

      Hi all,

      we have some approvers, suppose(a,b,c,d,e) now if 'a' sends the approval mail to 'b' for approval where 'b' approves and it reaches 'c' where he approves and approval chain ends. Ideally the approval chain needs to end at 'c'.
      But , in our case , if 'b' is not approving, and he forwards the mail , it is reaching 'c','d' & 'e' ( where 'd' & 'e' are superior to 'c' ) which is not intended to happen.
      Even if 'b' is forwarding , the approval chain should stop at 'c'.

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          Alejandro Sosa-Oracle
          You can try by using a post notification activity so that when C acts on the notification (transfers or approves) you can validate and allow the transfer or prevent it. Post notification functions are documented in the WF Developers Guide and also sampled here: https://blogs.oracle.com/oracleworkflow/entry/implementing_a_post_notification_function