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    Upgrade ECM suite from to - Update Policy Store

      Hi All,

      We upgraded our Live clustered ECM environment from to
      As post installation task we tried to run below .py file but it giving an error.

      Run soa-upgrade.py to Update the Policy store and Deploy a shared library

      cd SOA_HOME/bin

      *.../common/bin/wlst.sh soa-upgrade.py*
      --username +<Username>+*
      --password +<password>+*
      --wlsHost +<Host>+*
      --adminServerListenPort +<port>+*
      --targetList soa_server1,soa_server2*

      Error : - TypeError:Unsupported operand type(s) for +; 'NonType' and 'str'
      WLContent.close() was called in a diffrent thread than the one in which it was created..

      we did not change the soa-upgrade.py file.

      What will be the Solution. Since we are in live.. we are in a critical situation.....

      Thanks for any reply....

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