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    Oracle 12c Db

      Hi all,

      Is Oracle 12c database available for download?
      Im excited to use it, I just received an update. :D
      With rumors of over 500 improvements, most of the attention is on Pluggable Database, a feature that could arguably redefine database virtualization.
      It’s the most talked-about feature in Oracle Database 12c, and for good reason. Extending virtualization concepts to the database level, it should ease the burden of managing database sprawl. Inside, get the inside scoop on everything Oracle Database 12c plus its security and data optimization features:
      Introducing Pluggable Database, the star of Oracle Database 12c
      Additionally, check out this excerpt from “Building and Managing a Cloud Using Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c” as part of your planning for the cloud. This article will take you through the process of discovery and assessment when looking for the software and hardware assets in your environment.
      As most companies don’t have an accurate, nor current, inventory of both their physical and virtual environments, it’s important to build a strategy in order to do so. Inside, learn critical steps to rationalize your technology portfolio now:
      Ascending to the cloud with Oracle Enterprise Manager -- an excerpt
      I want to experience this "pluggable" thing :)
      And add to my resume so that I can be more marketable at a higher price ;)
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