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    Creating AWT child dialog within a parent hangs in 1.7 but works with 1.6


      We are making use of Java AWT packages. In which we are creating an child dialog within a parent window and it hangs, meaning none of the buttons on the child window works, even the close is not happening (parent, child and console all hangs, need to kill the applet from the task manager). No error/exception is seen in the Console. No deadlocks noticed in the thread dumps.
      This is seen only with JRE1.7 (update 10,11,13,15) version. But the same code is working fine with JRE 1.6 version.

      We also have same codebase of next release, where the code is changed to Swings and that seems to work with JRE1.7.

      Can somebody suggest me what might be causing it to fail with JRE_1.7 at the earliest as this a critical issue.

      Thanks in advance!