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    Primavera Progress Reporter Login Failed:

      Hello All,

      i have successfully installed primavera progress reporter on weblogic,
      when i launched progress reporter page http://ipaddress::8204/pr/ then run jave file timesheet.jnlp for login prompt.

      loging to primavera p6 progress reporter:
      Login Name:

      so i have tried all my DB user also primavera admin user
      DB User:

      P6 user:

      i cant login any above user account over the launch p6 progress reporter page.

      please suggest .

      this above is working fine when open and login with pubuser account and when i login here i see,
      Configuration Home: C:/P6EPPM_1/p6/../newpr
      Database URL: jdbc:oracle:thin:@
      Public Group ID: 1
      Username: pubuser
      Password: no password
      when i change password i get the the following error,
      Error writing configuration settings file, please choose another location.

      please update ASAP.
      Thanks in Advance.
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          Did you find a solution?


          I am seeing the same problem.  PR was configured using the wizard, it is running in Weblogic, and we are following the post install guide for PR post installation tasks.


          http://test101:8204/pr/admin/login brings up a request for the privileged username and password but nothing works.  This is not unexpected since per the guide, the "Configuration tab" is supposed to appear but does not.  That means that it thinks it is configured when it is not.  I have tried interrogating the files under;  D:\P6EPPM_1\pr.


          I can click on "Click here to administer timesheet application settings" and login as an Admin Superuser.  Trying to log into PR directly (not through administrator) fails, not authorized user.


          Time for a service request unless there is a quick answer.