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    Replace tables/datastores in an export XML

    Vesko Jel

      I have a bunch of Interfaces and I wanna replace the source/target datastores in each of them. I tried to replace the "ObjectPKasString" (I_TABLE) of the datastores and the interface has imported successfully, but not sure if something else should be replaced. In the export XML all columns for each model are described in elements of type:

      <Object class="com.sunopsis.dwg.dbobj.SnpPopCol">

      with a lot of attributes and my concern are the fields:
           <Field name="ICol" type="com.sunopsis.sql.DbInt"><![CDATA[31311105]]></Field>
           <Field name="IPop" type="com.sunopsis.sql.DbInt"><![CDATA[1164105]]></Field>
           <Field name="IPopCol" type="com.sunopsis.sql.DbInt"><![CDATA[48198105]]></Field>

      Does anyone with more deep knowledge know how the export and the import works and how the XML is mapped onto the ODI repo tables (SNP_POP, SNP_TABLE, SNP_COL, SNP_POP_COL)!?
      Also is it possible and safe to substitute this way one table for another?!