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    Change location of user deployment.properties (terminal server issue)

      We are running a Windows Terminal Server environment and are switching some services from old Windows 2003 Server to 2008R2

      In the old 2003 environment the user cachedir, security dir and user deployment properties are located in <User Application Data Folder>\Sun\Java\Deployment\ is is the default setting, mentioned in http://docs.oracle.com/javase/7/docs/technotes/guides/deployment/deployment-guide/properties.html

      - In our old environment the UserAppDataFolder is redirected via Windows GPO to a network drive
      - For our new environment have redirected it to the same network drive but a different sub folder, which works fine for everything else

      Now WHY is it, that under 2008R2 the the deployment.properties and everything else of the users java directory is now set to: <Local User Server Profile>\AppData\LocalLow\Sun\Java\Deployment ???

      Is somebody able to explain why this is now outside of the redirected AppData folder and inside the AppData\LocalLow - which is not a part of the roaming profile?
      Since the user cache and security Settings are saved here, we need this to be saved to a folder which is not deleted after the user log off from the terminal server and saved on the network drive or some other path.

      Is it possible to change that location to another path?
      The last couple of days i looked into a lot of information around the web, concerning deployment.properties - i did not find