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    About Bulkload in odi

      Hi Friends,

      what is bulkload in odi,what are the KM'S using for bulkload,and working with bulkload can we go for performance issues

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          Ayush Ganeriwal-Oracle
          Bulkload KMs uses the native utilities of the target/staging database to load data. They give better performance as compared to jdbc based KM where the data is extracted/loaded through jdbc drivers. For instance there are multiple KMs available for Oracle using various bulk utilities
          LKM File to Oracle (SQLLDR)
          LKM MSSQL to Oracle (BCP SQLLDR)
          LKM Oracle to Oracle (datapump)
          LKM SAP BW to Oracle (SQLLDR)

          You can find Oracle KMs list at http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E23943_01/integrate.1111/e12644/oracle_db.htm#Toc153688078