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    Where I can get the following doc..

      FAQ for Item Import [ID 109628.1]
      Error in Validating MTL_SYSTEM_ITEMS_INTERFACE [ID 1057175.6]
      A Guideline to IOI Error Messages and Solutions [ID 52746.1]
      How to Import Item Costs Using the Item Open Interface (IOI) [ID 191376.1]
      Item Import Performance Tips [ID 66496.1]
      INCOIN: Basic Steps for Researching Failed Item Imports [ID 552683.1]
      Troubleshooting Guide for INV_IOI_MASTER_CHILD Errors in Item Import [ID 429924.1]
      How To Prepare to Run Parallel Runs of the Item Import Interface INCOIN [ID 842767.1]
      Item Import Gives Error: “The Default Primary Unit of Measure Is Invalid” [ID 789927.1]
      Understanding Item Import and Debugging Problems with Item Import [ID 268968.1]
      How to create a Category Set and Assign Items to Categories [ID 423551.1]
      Item API Or Concurrent Manager, Which One Is Best For Item Creation? [ID 760498.1]