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    Compare / Difference tool by Oracle or third party

      Is there any tool or option available using which I can compare the data/table existing in my Oracle database (on-premise) to the data/tables in my Oracle Cloud DB instance. I have tried SQL Developer with the ‘Database Difference’ option, but it just let me compare my local Oracle DBs and doesn’t list the Cloud DB under the source/destination drop down list. I have also the same with the Red-Gate tool for Oracle but that too didn't result in success.
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          Hi -

          The issue with other tools (and SQL Developer) is that you can only access the Database Cloud through RESTful Web Services, not SQL*Net, so access has to be specifically implemented for these tools. We already did some of the work for SQL Developer, which is why you have some capabilities with Cloud Connections, but we are moving towards full (within the limits of security lockdowns) SQL Developer support. I can't speak for the other tools, but since SQL Developer is in the same development organization as the Database Cloud, I would think it would hit there first.

          Thanks for your interest.

          - Rick Greenwald