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    Scaling/upgrading the Cloud DB instance

      How can I scale my database instance?

      Currently I am using the trial account but my data is getting exceeded above 1 GB limit. I need to purchase Database S5 edition while retaining my existing database.

      Can I just purchase a new account and merge it with my older one {using the archived data from “Identity Domain SFTP Details” from the Services page of the cloud DB instance} or is there any other standard approach to scale the DB instance.

      Also, similarly if my S5 edition gets filled, can I upgrade to S20 using the same approach as with the trial account?

      Thanks in Advance!!!
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          Hi -

          To move from a trial to a paid subscription, you have to unload your trial and load into the paid subscription. (Yes, I know . . . . .)

          Right now, the issue is the same for upgrading from any paid subscription to another, but that is temporary. The intent is to allow in-place upgrades for paid subscriptions.

          Thanks for your interest.

          - Rick Greenwald