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    BUG: Unable to set rule condition using SQL-syntax from the "Rules" tab

      I am using SQL Developer version 3.1.06

      The "Rules" tab under a CHAIN allows you to change a rule's condition and action.

      I have a rule like this:

      "step1" SUCCEEDED

      I tried to change the rule condition to use the equivalent SQL-syntax:

      :"step1".state = 'SUCCEEDED'

      It errors with ORA-06550.

      However, I can use the following script to change the rule:

      chain_name => '"chn_test"',
      condition => ':"step1".state=''SUCCEEDED''',
      action => 'START "step2"',
      rule_name => 'SCHED_RULE$138');

      When I refresh the "Rules" tab, the revised SQL-syntax rule is displayed.

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