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    Session Stickiness - WebLogic with Apache HTTPD


      I am trying to set up a clustered environment of independent WebLogic servers using Apache HTTPD and the mod_wl_22.so module. I'm using WebLogic 11R1, and Apache HTTPD 2.2.24. My httpd.conf has the following

      <IfModule mod_weblogic.c>
           Debug ALL
           WLLogFile D:\Apache2\wllog.log
           KeepAliveEnabled ON
           KeepAliveSecs 600

      <Location ~ /(link1|link2).*>
           SetHandler weblogic-handler
           WebLogicCluster machine1.domain.com:7001,machine2.domain.com:7001

      It works correctly in that when I enter the link into the browser, it sends me to one of the machines. My problem is that it is doing this in a round-robin fashion. The first request goes to the first machine, second request goes to the second machine, third request goes to the first machine, etc. For session stickiness, once a request is made from one user, that user should keep hitting the same WebLogic server until the session times out. I was reading up on session stickiness with this configuration, and from what I read, it stores the session id in JSESSIONID cookie, and that's how it knows which server to keep going back to. When I look at my browser's cookies, I do not see this JSESSIONID cookie. Any idea what I am missing here?

      Thanks in advance!