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    BPEL Hangs in the invocation, no step is executed after the first one

      I am facing a really annoying trouble,

      This behaviour is present in all of the BPELs we have deployed in this partition.

      It's so weird, because I have asked some of my partners with more experience years than me but they have never seen this happen.

      What happens is that when the BPEL is invoked, in the Enteprise Manager instances, we open them to the trace,,, and what I expect to see is the steps or activities that were executed by the BPEL.

      But what I see is only the polling invocation, or the client invocation,,, but not the rest of the steps were supposed to occur,,,, the BPEL hangs in the invocation step.

      Either the BPEL starts by a polling table or through the test tab,, or we consume the WS from soapUI happens the same thing.

      When this happens none of the logs,, either the .out, or the -diagnostic.log say anything that help us to diagnostic what is going on, actually when this happens nothing is logged,,, there are no exceptions, there are no timeouts, there isn't anything,,

      The way it begins happening, is that, first, one of the BPELs we have start failing like this,,, and like 30 or 40 minutes after the first BPEL is failing the rest of the BPELs fail too.

      What is freaking me out is that this happens in all of the environments,,,, DEV, QA, UAT and PRODUCTION.

      The only way I have found out to fix this trouble is restarting the SOA Instance,,,

      The configured log level is development, so there should be some trace or some log to see, but nothing is logged

      Has anybody had this same trouble?

      you can see an image in freshcorp DOT mx/jk/bpelHang.png

      Thanks so much for your hep,, any comment will be helpful,,

      Best Regards