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    Generate quote off custom object--HTML in narrative duplicates table


      I am trying to build a quote header and lines off a custom object. Quote header works, but I am using a separate narrative report called from a web link to show the quote item lines data. The narrative section displays my basic table header and lines, but since the report returns two rows for the selected parts, the table with the header and lines is displayed twice, once for each row returned by the report itself.

      I just want one instance of the table, one header and two lines, not separate tables for each part.

      Here is the sample html placed in the narrative section of the report.

      <TH COLSPAN="2"><BR><H3>TABLE TITLE</H3>
      <TH>Column A</TH><TD>@5</TD><TH>Column B</TH><TD>@8</TD>



      Many thanks for any input.