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    Getting the java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDrive


      I have created executable jar for my Swing Desktop application, My App is running in JDEV but exectuing the jar got the java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver .

      I have put my required libraies in class path.
      below is my Class path value

      C:\XBRL\eRoller_Desktop\Desktop_Appl\deploy>echo %CLASSPATH%

      I am executing the below command for running the jar.

      C:\XBRL\eRoller_Desktop\Desktop_Appl\deploy>java -cp .. -Dmy.app.properties=C:/XBRL/eRoller_Desktop/Desktop_Appl/config.properties -jar RolloverDeskTopAppJDK7.jar view.RolloverApp

      RolloverDeskTopAppJDK7.jar :- my jar file name
      view.RolloverApp :- this is my java file name
      Dmy.app.properties=C:/XBRL/eRoller_Desktop/Desktop_Appl/config.properties :- from here i have pass the config file where my DB details and some properties is avaliable.

      Is any thing i doing wrong/missed out for exececuting the jar file.

      please help me on this, it's very high appriciated if any one give idea to ececuting jar.