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    substitution variable

      I am using a substitution variable to hold multiple members. This variable will be used in web forms and calc scripts. The business rules/calc scripts have no issue. The webform will not open when the varlable is used.

      If the variable is "member1", I have no problems.

      As soon as I change it to "member1","member2", it will not open.

      The error is "A substitution variable required for this calculation is undefined. Variable: +variablename+

      Has anybody had any success using multiple members in a variable used in a web form?
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          You cannot provide multiple values to single substitution variable. If you want that a variable can contain multiple values then you can use User Variable.

          Request you to please look into the below links

          for Substitution variable - http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E17236_01/epm.1112/hp_admin/frameset.htm?ch07s05.html

          For user variable- http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E17236_01/epm.1112/hp_admin/frameset.htm?ch07s05.html

          Hope this helps.


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            I am on version

            You can provide multiple values to substitution variables however such variables can't be used in data forms.
            You won't get any issues when you are using the same in BRs and Calc Scripts.

            Said this you can functions such as Descendants, ILvl0Descendants, etc with a substitution variable to get range in web form using a single substitution variable.

            Hope this helps.

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              Suggestion :

              It will be better to use "User Variable" in your Planning web-forms which will give you one extra advantage in Managing your security within web-form and try to keep substitution variable separated from your Web-from.
              Substitution Variable cannot hold multiple values in web-form though they work properly in BR's and Calcscript when multiple values are assigned to them.

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                Thanks for all the feedback. I am aware of all those options, but was hoping somebody had a trick to substitution variables.
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                  Kyle Goodfriend
                  I have always created alternate hierarchies to manage this. A flat list can be referenced by DESC. This works in both calc scripts and web forms.
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                    That sounds like a great idea.