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    APEX Listener 2.0.1 with Glassfish 3.1.2 image Folder Mapping

      after spendig two hours of reading docs, blogs, and forum posts, it's the right moment to ask here :-)

      I´m using Oracle Win 2008 R2 with Apex Listener 2.0.1 and Glassfish 3.1.2

      When i generate the i.war file i was asked to use a image directory. that´s ok. But a look inside the weblogic.xml File shows me,
      that the virtual Folder /i is used
      My Applikation is using the /images Dir. I would like to use the /images Folder, but there is no Option, when generating the i.war File

      There are some Posts here, where usesr asking for a solution when having a white Page.
      Just look inside the page you see a lot of content, but that is not shown,because of all .css / .js /.png / .jpg Files are Pointing to the wrong Directory.

      I tried to regenerate the i.war File (with the xml Parameter (i´m a Java dummy)

      But i get the error:

      c:\Temp>java -jar -cvf i.war *.* WEB-INF
      Error: Unable to access jarfile i.war

      Any help ???