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    Duplicated Domino organizational unit in account ID after rename


      We have a problem with Domino rename. After we perform rename user action on Domino resource account using the IDM's Rename User form the Domino account ID becomes incorrect, namely the organizational unit in account ID becomes duplicated.

      For example, the user John Smith has Domino account John Smith/Sales/MyCompany. When changing the user's lastname using the IDM Rename User form to Smith1 the new Domino account ID becomes John Smith1/Sales/Sales/MyCompany instead of John Smith1/Sales/MyCompany.
      Following attributes are set by the Rename User Form:
      lastname: Smith1
      credentials: ********
      firstname: John
      certifierIDFile: c:\gateway\sales.id
      accountId: John Smith1/Sales/MyCompany
      CertifierOrgHierarchy: /Sales/MyCompany

      The IDM Rename User Results page says 'Account John Smith1/Sales/MyCompany updated', everything looks ok. But after Domino processes this rename request the accountID becomes John Smith1/Sales/Sales/MyCompany.

      We also experimented with setting the attributes accounts[Domino].identity and accounts[Domino].orgUnit on the Rename User form but without any success. It can be seen on Domino Administrator that IDM set the 'Qualifying Org Unit' user's attribute to value 'Sales' which was empty before the rename action.

      We use Sun Java System Identity Manager 8.1 and Lotus Domino 8.5.1. The Domino Identity Template is $firstname$ $lastname$$CertifierOrgHierarchy$.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks in advance!