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    1Z0-151 Exam preparation

      I want to prepare for Exam 1Z0-151. Please suggest some books. Are there any Oracle press books available ?
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          Matthew Morris
          Are there any Oracle press books available ?
          There are no Oracle Press books for that exam or for that matter any 3rd-party books. Nor are there any legitimate practice tests that I can find. It looks like the documentation is the only real option for study.

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            Or, the OU course, why not.. : http://education.oracle.com/pls/web_prod-plq-dad/db_pages.getpage?page_id=609&p_org_id=1001&lang=US&get_params=dc:D61530GC10,p_preview:N
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              To some extent I suspect 1z0-151 (forms 11g) is a rework of 1z0-141 (format 10g/9i from memory) with extra topics added ( as indeed I suspect 1z0-141 was a rework of he earlier 1z0-131 Forms 6i).

              In essence a lot of forms is upwards from earlier versions .... perhaps you need to get totally back to forms 2.3 to get to a absolutely different animal.

              I suspect the Kaplan exam tests for 1z0-141 would for example still hold some relevance for the exam.


              Probably worth someone who is interested comparing the topic list for 1z0-141 to 1z0-151 .... ( i am short on time and sleep at the moment ... two flakes of snow and one body on the tracks and the whole of Southern Railway descends into chaos with only the Butlins to Arunhead shuttle running .... Pompey and Scummerstown ignored and me freezing me nuts at camaystown ... oh for versova beach ... cane liqor and raspberry pi and 488 bus driving)