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    Cast EO attribute

      Hi ,

      I need to cast attribute in Jdeveloper ADF how it is posible to do ?
      jdeveloper is generated UPPER(NAME)

      i need

      Derived from SQL expresion can do that ?


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          Frank Nimphius-Oracle

          the EO attribute type is of the database type (the Java equivalent) which makes sense if you want to update the database. If you need to access the data as string the you access the attribute and call toString on it

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            I would normally use

            ps: using String.valueOf(obj) method takes any object as a param and doesnt throw a class cast exception as opposed to doing a direct cast.

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                VO are generating Select from view , view is select * from table . Jdeveloper are adding UPPER to paramaters Like
                Select UPPER(name) from X where UPPER(name);
                In Select UPPER from view jdev loss his cast varchar2  Why i dont know and didnt have time to search a reason 
                I added CAST(NAME AS VARCHAR2(100)) AS NAME in Exxpresion field and all is ok .

                If this select was from table no view all was corect

                Problem solved.!