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    Need Help on CallServer Method

      I am implementing a PM for my custom control. I have two requirements for Call Server which I am not sure how to give input parameters. I am not able to find help in other controls implementations.

      1.I need to call a method (GetCustomCtrlInfo) in applet using Call server. But this method takes two parameters out of which one is a reference which contains the output value required to render my control. I tried using the ouput property set from the Callserver. But it donot contain the reference property set. How can I achieve this.

      ErrCode CSSSWEFrameOfferFile::GetCustomCtrlInfo (CSSSWEFieldItem* pFieldItem, CCFPropertySet& psCustCtrlProp)

      2.I need to call Applet method in which it is access Web Engine HTTP TXN ‘s GetAllRequestParameters. How can I set it while calling the CallServer method form my PModel.

      DOCHILD (m_pFrameMgr->GetModel (), GetService(SStext("Web Engine HTTP TXN"), pHttpService));
      DOCHILD (pHttpService, InvokeMethod (SStext("GetAllRequestParameters"), inputs, outputs));

      Is there any argument in input property set that can be used to achieve the both of above?