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    Error in Renaming Columns in Direct SQL Reports using OBIEE

      Hi All,

      I am using OBIEE version. I have created a simple DIRECT SQL REPORTS with 3 columns (let's say OLD Names) called "COM_PROF", "SUB_REG", "AN_REV" (retrieves these THREE columns when i click on the Validate SQL). Now, I want to change the column names as "Company Profile", "Registration" and "Revenue". (NEW Names)

      The problem is:
      when I change the column names with my new names, and click on the "Results" tab it shows me with my new names. I do save the report now and again when I click on the "Criteria" tab to see my sql window, all the columns automatically change to the OLD names (with underscore again). Similarly the data values are also affected in the respective columns. I had removed all decimal points of the same columns while changing the names but it brought back all OLD names along with OLD values with decimals.

      Tried in different browser also. No Help!

      Not sure if it is a BUG for this version of OBIEE 11g!

      Please Suggest, urgently need it!!

      Thank You,