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    Reverse proxy Tunnels

      Is is possible to create a HTTPS tunnel in a reverse proxy senerio??

      I have created a proxy entry that passes a request from an external user to an internal server using HTTPS and everything works great, expect for when the server asks for the EXTERNAL users personnel SSL keys the proxy is returning the PROXY CERTS not the external user CERTS.

      Server configuration:
      - Created secure HTTPS port 443 and applied SERVER CERTS.
      - Created a virtual MULTIHOSTING entry https://service.external.com -->

      I am able to connect to the servers and all appears fine. the only issues is that when the server ask for the client CERTS the PROXY is passing it's CERTs instead of the EXTERNAL client CERTS.

      I have tried with versions 4.0.11 & 4.0.21

      Thank you