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    java.lang.SecurityExceptin "Xxxx" does not match trust level


      When using a jar that contains a META-INF/INDEX.LIST, jws throws "java.lang.SecurityExceptin "Xxxx" does not match trust level of other classes in the same package" when attempting to execute code inside any of the packages listed in META-INF/INDEX.LIST which are in a jar different to the jar where META-INF/INDEX.LIST

      This META-INF/INDEX.LIST can easily be generated by maven compiler plugin using <index>true</index>

      An example to reproduce this is to use version 0.12 of http://code.google.com/p/geocoder-java/

      Isn't this a bug? does anyone know what's the story with bugs.sun it looks like if you do a search on http://bugs.sun.com/ it does an oracle-website wide search and returns nothing. For example when searching keyword 'java' it returns zero results.

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