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    but where?!

      I know that you will detele this thread but where should i post it as your website is no longer that usable!!!!!!

      I just want to download what I was able to download many times before but i cannot:

      We are sorry, we could not log you in.
      We apologize for the inconvenience.
      One of the following might have happened:
      You don't have a valid Customer Support Identifier.
      Your privileges are not up to date.
      This should be resolved by logging in into My Oracle Support.
      Internal error in the login process.
      Please contact your CSI administrator.

      I do not have a CSI admin, I am not a company, I just want to download for example the time zone updater tool !!! why do i need a support identifier, why do i need approval, how can I download a simple and free tool ????

      What is this MOS non-sense?


      thank you for anybody who is willing to reply and help me out
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          Well, if it's MOS (Oracle Support) related then your question doesn't belong here as the MOS and OTN communities are two seperate things.

          You haven't detailed where you are trying to download these things from so it's difficult for anyone to offer any advice. You don't need a CSI to download a lot of the Oracle products from the OTN download pages, though you would need a CSI to access MOS to download patches to products and suchlike, as only customers who have paid support are allowed patches etc. from MOS.

          Not sure why you thing the website is no longer usable.... You didn't say what issue you are having with the website, though there are many people who do use OTN and MOS without much issue (aside from the known or occasional technical glitches that most websites have).

          OTN Forum Moderator (not an oracle employee, so don't shoot the messenger)
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            To O.P.,
            A quick Google search gets this
            as the very first search result.

            In there, there is the following statement (quoting):
            The TZUpdater tools is available only to customer who have access to Java SE Support.
            which I interpret to mean that you must be a paying customer to get support from the company.
            So, that additionally means that it is NOT a free tool. You have misunderstood what it is all about.