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    MOS / Downloads

      Hello all,

      I have just been shocked today to see that there is a new system implemented to access content on oracle.com

      This seems very weird and frustrating... for example, i just want to download what was free and available at a single click in the past and which I have downloaded before (just by using my email address and password): the timezone updater tool.... NOW I CANNOT..

      We are sorry, we could not log you in.
      We apologize for the inconvenience.
      One of the following might have happened:

      You don't have a valid Customer Support Identifier.
      Your privileges are not up to date.
      This should be resolved by logging in into My Oracle Support.
      Internal error in the login process.

      Please contact your CSI administrator.

      I do not have such CSI admin or CSI ... i am not a company, i am a student / freelancer that wants to use java!

      How can I use this site anymore??? Why did things get so complicated around here? I just want to download normal java free stuff... why do i need approval and all that stuff??

      Thank you for your time and assistance.