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    Register WebGate 11gR2

      1. What is the preferred method for registering WebGate with OAM? (11gR2 version)
      The doc mentions to use either OAM console or RREG tool for registering. http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E27559_01/install.1112/e27301/webgate.htm#CACGCBBJ

      2. When using RREG tool, there are various files created and need to be copied to WebGate instance home directory as mentioned below from documemt
      "After RREG generates these files and artifacts, you must manually copy them (cwallet.sso, ObAccessClient.xml, password.xml, aaa_key.pem, aaa_cert.pem, based on the security mode you are using) from the <RREG_Home>/output/<Agent ID> directory to the <Webgate_Instance_Home> directory."

      Question- if using the OAM console for registering, then above files would also be created? (similar to RREG tool).
      Looks like these files should be created by both methods. Wanted to confirm if this is true.
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          Those files will be created in both the methods.

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            the agent is working fine. I have a question about the setting to contol or change the directory protection.

            1. What is the setting where one can change or edit, which directories the Agent can protect. I don't see any option when viewing via the OAM console for this particular agent.
            (other option like, logout url, cache timeout etc are there)

            2. What is the authentication scheme used by this agent? Where is this setting and how to change it?
            Currently the webserver root page is protected with username,password
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              Karthik Perath
              Check this link

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